Place au Piéton —

The pedestrianization of the centre’s boulevards on 28 June 2015 was a first in the City of Brussels’ history. Increasing from 28 to 50 hectares, Brussels’ pedestrian zone is now one of the largest in Europe.

The idea is to make people central to the initiative. Much more than a simple cosmetic redevelopment or mobility plan, the new pedestrian zone is first and foremost a community project. The ambition is to transform the approach to life in the city by enabling every local resident to live in a friendlier, calmer, more attractive and breathable environment. Since 28 June, a large number of activities have been organized up to Christmas and New Year. Step by step, this new living space will be fully redeveloped. 2016 will bring its own surprises and a wide range of cultural, sporting and festive activities.