VauxHall Summer —

The Vauxhall is a former Brussels theater located in the Park of Brussels, at the back of the Royal Theater, 1 rue de la Loi.

The name Vauxhall comes from a place of relaxation that has been located in the Kennington Gardens since the 17th century, on the estate of a certain Falkes de Bréauté. The place was established under the name Falkes’ Hall and the name slowy changed into Fox Hall and then into Vaux Hall. In Nivelles, in Walloon Brabant the name has evolved to Foscal.

Brussels only knew of this place in London from 1761, when a ballet titled Le Phaxal was shown at the Theatre de la Monnaie. In Paris, the artist Torré opened an amusement garden in 1764, which the public called le Vaux-hall de Torré from the start. A winter edition of Vauxhall was installed in 1769.

The history of the Vauxhall of Brussels is closely linked to that of the Park Theater. Opened in 1781 by the Bultos Brothers, Vauxhall is first and foremost a café, a concert venue and a games room.

The city of Brussels completely redeveloped the Vauxhall site in 1913, after which it was no longer used.